Out of the Hospital

I’m (sort of) back. After my ninth night in a hospital bed, I was discharged just after noon today! And yes, a very miniature version of What Cheer? was there to greet me, a la Black Cat White Cat. I’m exhausted beyond belief; it still hurts to take a deep breath, and I think I may be experiencing morphine withdrawal, but I’m out. No exact word on when I can play again, but I hope to be ready for Sound Session.

This band has been a second family to me through this. Thank you for showing up with food, games, music, books and movies; thanks for coming just to talk and hang out, and thanks for taking care of my mom too. Thank you also to all What Cheer? friends who have been sending the love. I really felt every bit of your support. This week sucked, but in the end, a deep sense of gratitude is the first thing this experience will bring to mind.

I’m in Philly at my parents’ convalescing for the weekend (going to the Jersey shore!), but I’ll be back in Providence on the Fourth to cheer my maniacs on as they romp around on Interdependance Day.

I leave you with this: my last night in the hospital, I dreamt that I decided to return to middle school as a mercenary for my middle school marching band. I gave a really rousing speech to the rest of the band, “this year, Bala Cynwyd Middle School will make history; we’re going to have the most awesome, most badass middle school marching band ever. Are you ready to DO THIS?”

Something like that. All the kids just stared back at me, their eyes seeming to ask one of three things: “Do you have a gland problem?” “What’s wrong with the new student teacher?” or “Are you here to molest us?” Then the bell rang, and I realized that, having re-enrolled in middle school, I did, indeed, have to go to Library Skills Class. I found myself questioning the wisdom of my decision.

See you in Chepachet!

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