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  1. Maury Martin 04.30.06 / 10pm

    Rockin’ time at the cemetery this afternoon, and a big thanks to Paul for helping us out during the parade earlier.

    And pencil in the HONK festival, a brass band blow out we’re putting together in Davis Square, Somerville on September 30….multiple outdoor performances and an evening gig at Johnny D’s. We’ll be in touch.

    Second Line Social Aid and Pleasure Society

  2. michael manning 05.01.06 / 10am

    I’ve never had the chance to see you guys play, but I just listened to the poorly recorded live sample from a net cafe here in Xining, Qinghai, China… it rocked! My I mention that I am in no small way responsible for Chris Erway’s super-sino-specs? Wheeeee!

  3. chop chop tjhe **!%#$ chimp 05.24.06 / 2am

    ahoy. you motes who are lookin’ but ain’twritintg.
    Anyway.l..i am drunk and signing our own guest book. look at me! Oh the fauxpas! look at mne writint fauxpas drunk!
    Anyway. Hey…what cheer mamalukes…fill in your damned profiles so I can laugh laugh laugh.
    I really hope my mom isn’t the next one to leave a comment.
    Chimpily yours.
    Chop Chop.

  4. Maya 06.01.06 / 10am

    saw you play at building 16, really incredible.

  5. Andrew 06.23.06 / 9am

    I’ve heard of breakin’ ankles, but burstin’ lungs? That’s the realness!

  6. elisa the sardinian one 07.06.06 / 2pm

    can’t wait to fly there…

  7. chop chop the chimp 07.10.06 / 1am

    “fly” where?

  8. Harry Hartley 07.17.06 / 11pm

    Saw you guys play at Foo Fest, then followed you guys up the street to Mojos, twas a shit load of fun. Hopefully I’ll catch you guys on the 22nd.

  9. Fernanda or Bruxinha or Malaria - whichever you prefer, I haven't decided yet. 07.19.06 / 1pm

    Oh, no, you’re signing your own guestbook!
    Well, I KNOW you will soon be widely recgnized for your blissful and musical ways.
    How about this, I dub you responsible for starting a carnaval tradition in Providence.

  10. chimp's mom 07.20.06 / 4pm

    CHIMP GET YO’ FINGAS out o’ yo’ mouth!

  11. Larkin Grimm 07.21.06 / 12am

    I miss you all so much!
    I probably haven’t danced since the last time I saw you play, and I probably haven’t gotten laid either. I don’t remember. But I love you!
    See you in August, for the bicycle carnival!

  12. little smelly breifs 07.22.06 / 12am

    chimpo ~~~ hahah made myself laugh
    you smell bad ………………………

  13. elisa the sardinian one 07.26.06 / 7am

    “fly” from sardinia to providence…eheh maya knows

  14. chop chop the chimp 08.01.06 / 4am

    SARDINIA!!! i stayed in a little seasid village not too far from Olbia once, for week. It was beautiful. All the little birdies hanging out o the wild wheat shafts that bllomed.
    As for writng is our own guestbook…why the heck not! Not many others are. C’mon, give me guff for it to my little chimpy face.

  15. danno 08.01.06 / 6am

    Hey guys-
    I had a great time as your flag boy at Providence Sound Session! Keep on rockin’ it!
    Peace from Budapest!

  16. morgan 08.15.06 / 7pm

    saw you guys at foo fest and last night at AS220, you rock and I love you. keep playing, you should come to NY

  17. Stick and Rag 08.21.06 / 10am

    We love you love you love you. Let’s make bad little marching band babies and hope they don’t grow up like the Extra Action Band.

  18. rhoedyelind josh 08.22.06 / 5pm

    I saw you guys at the as220 last week. Awesome! Wanna play my 30th birthday party?

  19. Fredrick the Great 09.15.06 / 4pm

    You better run monkey, I’m hot on your tail. As soon as I catch you you’re going to be chained to the organgrinder again you little furry turd. Back to the travelling freak show with you!

  20. chop chop the chimp 09.16.06 / 12pm

    Oh my! I bring out such feelings in you. I had no idea. 

  21. Lisa 10.07.06 / 3pm

    my daughter and i really enjoyed the honkfest and
    chop chop and the whole lot of you really pulled
    out all the stops.; thanks for a great our

  22. lizzy 10.09.06 / 1pm

    all of you are freakin’ hot. saw you in somerville. won’t forget you any time soon. awesome awesome

  23. senorita kira 10.09.06 / 3pm

    saw you at honkfest in somerville: awesome; you make me proud to be a Providence native….

  24. Rebecca Scott 11.27.06 / 10pm

    We saw you at the Honk Festival and you were great! My daughter is only 1 1/2 years old and she is STILL talking about the “monkey drummer.” (Her picture is in your photobook… she’s the one who followed the band around the corner after the set). She pretends to be the monkey drummer and marches around with an imaginary drum. I don’t think it is an overstatement to say that What Cheer? was the highlight of her life. Let us know when you’re playing so we can come see you again.

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