Stay tuned to find out about all of our sexy crew.

chop chop the chimpChop Chop the chimp, tri tom drummer
Filled with mucus, and generally grumpy, our beloved chimp will probably fall on you at a show. He is not the most coordinated primate, and his memory is god awful, but the ladies love a chimp in uniform. He can be seen swigging a coca cola, or picking lice from the heads of fans when he is feeling peckish. Generally speaking, chop chop smells bad. More specifically speaking, chop chop smells even worse. Yeah that’s right, he’s our chimp and we love him, sailor talk and all.
I'll eat you!

2ba-git 2 quit, Sousaphone

Dan, aka 2Ba-Git 2 Quit, is involuntarily moved to dance like a crazy person when the drum section really gets going; this can sometimes pose a problem, as he is also supposed to hold down the bass line. He tries to be as mellow as possible until it’s time to get as crazy as possible. It doesn’t really work. Also, he will eat you alive.

Bigfoot Paul

Bigfoot Paul, snare drum etc.

Have you ever seen the movie Drumline? Well, Bigfoot Paul’s life is nothing like that. At all. But maybe one day he will quit his rebellious ways, get good grades in school, AND get the girl. All while playing the snare drum really really well. And dancing. Watch out, Dr. Lee!


Andy “the jerk” Angels, Sackbut

Seriously, this dude might be the biggest jerk in town. We really want to kick him out of the band, but he drives Chris and Neal to rehearsal and gigs, so I guess we’re stuck with him for now.

psychedelic tubamaniac

Greg, Tuba

Born a small white child Greg grew to an even larger white child, a giant child who blows horns. Do it deep. Be it esoteric philosophy, scuba or noise making deep is the word. He does everything deep. Going low and deep to the throbbing pulse of the peaceful healing tuba. When you feel the tuba vibe think peaceful thoughts. Current work includes “Requiem for the Deaf” and “Tubas for a Bush Free Amerika.”

Maya The Destroyer

Maya the Destroyer, Bass Drum

When this band started, Maya played alto saxophone, but a fateful encounter with a bass drum in Philadelphia changed everything. The Destroyer was born. When you see her coming, drop any sharp objects and let go of any inhibitions. You are about to be pummeled into an irresistible dancing frenzy. Just give in; it’ll be easier for everyone.

106812347_0852f96251.jpgSir Do, Surdo

George got something called jungle-rot real bad while living in Brazil. Don’t touch him at shows. Or, if you do, just wash your hands with cold soapy water before you go to sleep. Also, don’t take any kind of cortizone-type stuff for the itch because that’s steroids and jungle rot is a fungus and steroids will make a fungus grow really fast. But you probably won’t get it anyway, so whatever.

Freddy, band manager

having been together for a year now, and still not chosen a band leader, the mighty Clubfoot gimped up and took the role. We couldn’t really argue him becuase if we did, he would bite our ankles and hobble us (alot like chop chop that way). So when not at the Decatur, drinking his usual 10 - 15 Narragenssets, or striking fear in the hearts of postmen everywhere, he is shepherding us wayward fools into proper formation. By that I mean, we hump a lot of legs.

Neal and Andy
Neal “Gimmie Satisfaction” Jones, Trumpet, Velvet Jackets

Word about town is Neal is only in the band to get laid. Until then, he draws a great site map, and plays a mean trumpet. Oh yeah, he has a great collection of scarves as well. Ladies?

PANDREW! Euphonium

One part Panda, one part Andrew, Pandrew is a superhero. A magical, mystical, steel welding man who makes the children smile, and the developers shudder. When Chop Chop scares the kids, Pandrew comforts them. All while laying down a bass line that would hold the craziest melody steady.

michael on bari
Michael, baritone saxophone, psychotronic backpack

While never a tall man, Michael started the band at 5’6’’ but years of hauling around a piece of brass as large as himself, and with the recent addition of an amplifying backpack, Michael’s spine has compressed nearly 6 inches already. Come see him quick before he’s too short to safely enter large crowds.

Joana licks young Cordy Cooper
Cordy, trumpet

A salty lad, young Cordy has provided some of us with spicey beef jerky, and his fantastic trumpet playing. Sportin the short, shorts and the black eyes, he is the reason why mothers fear for their daughters.

Nick–Brasselope, horns

sometimes at shows i try to go up to people and dance with them but my pointy bones frighten them. curse this wretched carcass

Chris on Trombone
Chris, Trombone - and pretty much any instrument he picks up

If you think something looks really good, or sounds really well arranged, there is a good chance young Christopher has had his hands all over it.That, and the fella can dance! The Ian Curtis of the marching band world.