Narrated by your host, Chop Chop the Chimp.

The What Cheer? Brigade settles down to record

Settles down.. or winds up, depending on how you look at it. Our first effort to get a decent recrdoing of ourselves, a pal of ours brought in his 24 track studio to our rehearsel space and we went from there. Drinks, food, and tom follery were afoot as we recorded a whole bunch of stuff. Not quite sure what we're going to do with it yet, but we're planning on doing something good. Well, something, anyway.December 6th, 2006.

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George takes one for What Cheer? Paul and where the drummer formerly known as Chop Chop should be. michael's wound the band recording trumpets paul's hands Nick and katie george and maya, the bass drummers Cordy recording chris and andy, the trombones

Other Albums

RISD Artists' Ball

Art students. Costumes. Alcohol. Excellent.

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Spooky Zoo Sunday at Roger Williams Park Zoo

Michael is an actual zookeeper at our local zoo, and he got the zoo to invite us to come entertain the families out for some pre-Halloween zoo trick-or-treating. We had an awesome time. We played for elephants, made camels dance, climbed a tree, and then Chop Chop's mom invited us over to her pen for banana soufflee.

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What Cheer? Plays the HONK! festival

The Weekend of October 7th and 8th, 2006, saw the very first ever HONK! festival, held in Sommerville, MA. A weekend where anywhere you went, you always heard marching bands from all around the country playing. Good stuff! In this set you can see the photos from our performances, in the next set, you can see some photos from some of the other bands we played with.

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HONK! Festival, October 7th & 8th, 2006 -- the Bands we played with

On October 7th and 8th, 12 marching bands met together int he city of Sommerville, MA, in Davis squeare to play in teh first ever HONK! Festival. It was a real treat and thrill to see all these bands that weekend and to get to plau with them. Check out the photos, then o online and check out the bands. All good stuff!

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If'n Books

We're going to be in a music video! It will be up on the If'n Books website soon! Deb Dormody is one of the coolest bookbinders we know. Check out her work!

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Southside Community Landtrust Hoe Down

On September 9th, What Cheer? rocked the socks off of some local farmers and farm supporters at the Southside Hoe Down. At first we were a little confused about the meaning of the term "hoe down." This was understandable, given our recent two-night stand with the Extra Action Marching Band. Boy were we surprised to find ourselves at such a wholesome, family-oriented event. Thankfully, we got over our shock, and everyone had a blast.

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The RISD museum's Wunderground exhibit opening, September 15th, 2006

Providence Rhode Island has a wonderful history of some amazing posters and poster makers. A lot of folks have heard of Fort Thunder (R.I.P.) but long before them there as some amazing stuff being made in this city. I remember when I first moved here, you couldn't really walk anywhere without comeing across some amazing poster, advertising an upcoming show, or simply just a beautiful piece of art some person felt should be wheat pasted around the city. Well, the RISD museum collected room fulls of these posters, and along with a select exhibit of some of the artists who made them put together a great show. We were invited to attend, and play at the opening, which we did with glee. Enjoy the photos, hopefully it will give you a sense of how fun the opening was. Not your average art opening. But then again, Providence is not your average city.

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The Hot Club, September 9th, 2006

The day was a day of bars and barns. We had already done two shows earlier that at a different bar, and another at a barn (hopefully photos to come of those shows). So for the finale of the night, we got ourselves down to Providence, Rhode Island's "Hot club" to perform for this fellow, Josh, whose birthday it was. I had never been to the bar before, and it was really beautiful. On top of that, folks seemed to really enjoy the music, and Chop Chop seemed to really enjoy a glass of whiskey or two. All in all, a great way to end a great day.

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Playing with the Extra Action Marching Band, August 14th, 2006

It was a thrill to say the least. Extra Action was coming through town and we were going to get to play two dates with them. These photographs are from the first show, at Providence, Rhode Island's, AS220. I am sorry to say we have no actual photos of Extra Action in action (we were all too busy dancin'). But to see some good photos of their performance that night, check out AS220's flickr site, simply by doing a search for AS220, in the search category. These photos were taken and given to us by Molly Magnet and Allison Mowrer. Our thanks to both of them for taking a bit to capture this night for us.

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Wakefield parade of vegetables, August 12th, 2006

Wakefield, Rhode Island. Do you like your vegetables. We do! Especially when they are our friends. Apparently the What Cheer? Brigade has some friends in Wakefield who run a vegetable co-op and put on a mighty fun parade. It was only two blocks but we marched in circles with big ol' vegetable puppets and lots of fine tootin' and strutin'. We even made out with a puppy during the parade -- but there is no photographic proof of that.All photos kindly taken and given to us by Allison Mowrer

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A much needed break for the What Cheer? Brigade

Maya, our beloved bass drummer invited us to her parent's place on Cape Cod for the week-end. It was one of the few weekends we did not have shows booked, so we relished the opportunity to relax by the fire, do a little swimming and rowing, and even crashing one of the beaches where we ended up rehearsing. Molly Magnet came and celebrated with us as well. It is she who took these photos and passed them along. Thank you, Molly.

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Decatur 5th Year Anniversary Party (June 29th, 2006)

The Decatur Bar, on Providence, Rhode Island's West Side, is the best bar in town. Dog friendly, cheap drinks, and a great juke box make for a wonderful time. Well, it was their fifth year anniversary, as well as the final game of the Providence Kickball leauge (which the Decatur has a team in) and Joann, the bar's owner, was throwing a big bash. Free barbeque, lots of drinks, dogs and music. We were asked to come add to the night's festivities and we did with great joy. Oh my goodness, the joy! That night found our horn player, Neal, wandering the streets of Downtown Providence, playing his horn until six in the morning. Little chop Chop went to sleep by a dumpster with his puppy in the back lot. I don't even know what happened ot the rest of the gang.All photos in this set were taken by Emily Walter, photographer. If you want some photos as great as these for your own special times, you should email her

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Providence Sound Session, July 2006

The City of Providence -- for as small as it is -- knows how to throw a good party. They have this weekend event called soundsession every year. Last year they had the Extra Action Marching band, this year, they were treated to The Hungry March band, the What Cheer? Brigade, and lightining Bolt (along with many, many other good bands). So in conjunction with the Black Repertory Theater, this wonderful event happened. Many thanks to the folks at the Black Rep who hosted the Hungry March Band and ourselves, feeding us and taking care of us before the night began. Here's hoping we gave them as much of a good time as they showed us.These photos are from the final night -- a parade we marched in before we performed, and a few photos from when we were performing.

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The What Cheer? Brigade crashes Mojo's Bar & Grill

Mike Kelly, local barkeep, and what Cheer? Brigade fan, had told us before we played the AS220 show that if we wanted to afterwards, the bar he was working that night would have two cases of payment for us if we wanted to crash the place. Crash it we did. There weren't a lot of folks there, but those that came sure got a suprise that night. tahkn you, Mike.Photos by Molly Magnet and Allison Mowrer

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AS220 Foo Fest, 2006

AS220, Providence Rhode Island's local artist collective puts on one of the best bashes each year. I have no clue why or what for (other then festivity) but they do. The block is closed down and the fun begins. This year we were invited to play (along with many, many other good bunads) and play we did. It was a mad house, and we got that mad house a jumpin'Photos by Allison Mowrer, Molly Magnet, and a few swiped from here and there around the web.

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4th of July, 2006, Smith Hill Providence

So there are folks that celebrate the fourth in the usual, line up and march way, and then there is the way we like to do it. we found that way over on Smith Hill, Providence, RI. We marched into the crowds, played for the crowds, danced with the crowds, raised a glass or two with the crowds, and then marched out. It was fantastic.

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4th of July, Ancient and Horribles Parade, 2006

For 80 years, the town of Chepachet, RI, has been putting on a parade that sort of parodies the old, "ancient and Honorables" parade that happens elsewhere in our little, ocean state.This year, the folks of the What Cheer? brigade marched in this fine, if not very odd, 4th of July event.

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Collective a Go Go party, Worcester, MA, June 24th, 2006

Helping to celebrate the anniversary of the Worcester Collective a Go Go, TheWhat Cheer? out patients performed rousing sets with the Stick and Rag Orchestra, much to the joy of the crowds, and the chagrin of the Worcester Police...who let their feelings be known.The highs: Ben Torpey, our old trumpet player played with us that night. The lows: Dan, our sousaphone player hospitalized himself with a collapsed lung from blowing on his instrument too hard for too long.All photos taken by Molly Magnet (except the two of dan in the hospital -- my little chimp hands took those with his cameraphone)

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First Works and Pride Festival, June 24th, 2006

Saturday, June 24th found the What Gig today? Brigade playing four different performance. this is two of them. Providence's First Works Festival, and then we invited ourselves to the Pride Festival, playing a few numbers for them.All photos by the kind hearted, Molly Magnet

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The What Cheer? brigade and The Bindlestiff Family Cirkus

June 11th, 2006, and we were pleased to be playing with the Bindlestiff family Cirkus -- an outift that I have watched for years and was excited to see them playing Providence again. This night, it was all happening at Lupos Heartbreak Hotel. We gave them our best, we drank what we brought, we ate barbequed meats before hand, and marched to the "talk of the town" bar afterwards for more music and beer. Thank Goodness for Providence, Rhode Island. Our state motto is "hope", after all.Now look at all the photos, dang it!

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The What Cheer? Brigade visits its state capitol building

Invited to play at an art opening in the state office buildings, 8 members of the What Cheer? brigade got together to have a little fun mucking about where those who make the decisions in this city work.These wonderful photographs taken by the wonderful Miss Molly Magnet.

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Dreamnight, June 4th, 2006

The Roger Williams Zoo, in Providence, Rhode Island, put on an event called Dreamnight, for Special needs children to come to the zoo with their family. As if that wasn't good enough, they thought to add that extra special magic of a marching band and invited us to wander the zoo all evening doing what we do best.Sadly, I was not able to be there, but Michael got some photos and sent them my way, so here you are folks...the What Animal might we scare tonight? Brigade!

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Recess Redux!

Your favorite band of marching jerks headed up to Central Falls for a little shindig with some Kindergarten-Second Graders. With splendid results.

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the What Cheer? Brigade is 1 year old

Celebrating our 1 year anniversary, we split rehearsel early and took to local favorite bar, the Decatur, and celebrated with them. There were dogs, drinks and marching bands. Can you say that about your local bar? Could you ask for anything else from a local bar? I don't think so.Photos taken by Molly Magnet, & Zach Forsberg-Lary.

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The EFA Soccer Tournament, Providence Rhode Island (May 6th, 2006)

The Folks at English For Action, in Providence rhode island, held another wonderfully fun soccer tournament too raise money for its education programs. While we weren't playing in the games, we did play on the sidelines, bringing our special brand of joy to the park that afternoon.

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Cemetery St. Providence, Rhode Island, April 29th, 2006

The day was sunny and beautiful. the Whateves street f*** had just come off of an amazing two shows the night before,and we were looking to spread the good cheer to the folks at Cemetery St., who were throwing a little may day party of their taken by Molly Magnet

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Protest March, May 1st, 2006

Some of the What Cheer? Protesters joined with others in Providence to show support for those protesting recent laws being proposed by the government regarding undocumented aliens and those who assist them.

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The Steel Yard Benefit -- food for thought for developers

So Chop Chop sadly had to miss this show (stinky job!) but hold fast, loyal readers. The other members of TheWC?B are gonna fill in the blanks. So check back in the next couple of days to find all the fun details. Thanks

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Night of The International Institute 20th Spring Carnival

What a night! What a night What Cheer? We were a band looking for a good performance. Playing first at the international institute ball, then taking it out to the parking lot to play for folks heading out, then to an art opening on the west side of Providence to try one more time. Each performance had its high points..and its..ahem..not so high points. But is is another notch on the What Cheer? belt, as we continue to have fun doing this things of ours.Photos all generously taken and given to us by our marching Molly Magnet. Thank you, again, Molly.

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Crashing the Wolf Parade Show, April 8th 2006

the Sub Pop band, Wolf Parade, recently played a show in our little city. Well, we couldn't help but bring a parade of our own to the show, and proceeded to crash it between sets. But the night just got better. the band enjoyed it so much they proceeded to invite us to play with them on the song, "You are a runner, and I am my father's son". It was a blast!

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The What Cheer? Brigade Goes to Brooklyn (april 1st, 2006)

So no joke, it was April 1st, and the What Cheer? travellers joined up with the Hungry march Band for two performances in Brooklyn, NY. Most of these are just photos from the first performance. And a lot of these photos come courtesy of dogseat and Pirate Jenny, and our own Marian. A few were collected from around flickr as well.

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Fox Point Library (March 28th, 2006)

That's right read correctly. A Library (or as the librarian at my friend's school she taught at said.."a lieberry". The kids who go to this Library had built this wonderful cardboard city, and we were invited to play it. Let's hear it for kids. Chop Chop may end up liking them yet.

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Boston's Chinatown (Robin's birthday) 3/25/06

Invited to play the birthday of our good friend, Robin, the What Cheer? Marching Band marched its way up to Boston's Chinatown to show them how to dance in Taxachussettes.This show marked the departure of our dearly beloved trumpet player, Ben. Very sad, but he is off to bring joy and life to the farmlands of Western Mass. Bon Voyage, Ben. (most photos here kindly taken and given to us by our pal, Molly, others taken by Jennie Pakradooni)check out Chop Chop getting his ('n' erryone else's) mojo started

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surprising Olneyville shoppers

Always looking to bring good cheer to the folks of Providence, Rhode Island...the folks of the What Cheer? Marching Band (mind you, i still don't actually know if this is our name) took our music to the cold streets in search of stores to march into and play some music.

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playing Pine Street

o.k., so we have done these wonderful warehouse parties, but we never seem to get any photos of them. This time, we were lucky as a fellow flickr person snapped some for us and let us know.

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new years Eve, 2005/2006

new years eve, 2006, found the what Cheer? rowdies strolling through the streets of Downtown Providence as part of the Bright Night celebration. Crashing Big nazo performances, surprising customers in Delis, and getting wet as it snowed on us (yet again).

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Central Falls recess, December 15th, 2005

We were invited to play a series of recesses for the children in an elementary school in Central Falls, Rhode Island. Photographer, Traer Scott of Fleeting Glimpse studio tagged along and photographed the glorious event.

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early performances and the such..

Some random photos of early performances, as well as some ealry rehearsals. things we did early that were captured by cameras, earlier.With love, Earl.

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patches and decorations

so, the hope is that little chop chop will be able to make patches for the different folks in the band. here are the ones done so far, plus some other decorative things.

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